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Dove DermaSpa Goodness³ Body Cream

Dove DermaSpa Goodness³

Luminous. Even. Velvety soft. Triply glorious skin. Give your skin the three things it wants most with new Dove DermaSpa Goodness³


Défendez les cosmétiques sans cruauté
Défendez les cosmétiques sans cruauté

Dove DermaSpa Uplifted+

Give your skin its spring back with Dove DermaSpa Uplifted+ Massaging Body Roll On, moisturising deeply (within the stratum corneum) for improved skin firmness and elasticity


Dove #JamaisDeRetouche
Dove #JamaisDeRetouche

Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived

An indulgent combination of luxurious body lotion and pampering self tanning lotion to give you a healthy-looking bronzed glow


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