Dove Men+Care Men's Spray Deodorants

Men’s Spray Deodorant

For the active guy, a deodorant that can keep up with life’s hectic pace is an all-important tool to his grooming routine. Dove men’s spray deodorant is your partner in your busy day – keeping you dry and smelling great in those moments that could get unexpectedly sweaty.


More importantly, though, Dove’s range of men’s spray deodorant products each come packed with antiperspirant ingredients that nourish the skin, and moisturise it, for reduced irritation and added skin comfort.

Dove men’s deodorant works just as hard as you do.

And whether you favour the aerosol, or if you’re a roll-on kind of guy, Dove Men+Care has the option for you, to keep you reliably dry, fresh and protected as you conquer the day.

Dove Men+Care

The Dove Men+Care antiperspirants are each proven to be highly effective at fighting sweat and body odour. What’s more, each is developed to be entirely kind on the skin.

This means that you won’t have to worry about embarrassing odours and sweaty moments, and enjoy total freedom from skin irritation and discomfort, as you do your thing every day.

Here’s a breakdown of what Dove Men+Care can give your skin:

  • Up to 48h protection against sweat and odour

  • Dermatologically proven formula

  • ¼ moisturising technology to protect against irritation

  • 100% alcohol-free

  • An invigorating, refreshing scent 

The Dove Men+Care range of men’s aerosol deodorants is tough on sweat, not on skin.

But there’s more.

In our exclusive range, we include technologies that don’t only provide the above, but our Dove Men Invisible Dry also protects your clothes from white marks. Dove Men+Care Invisible Dry antiperspirant deodorant. is the answer to the question, which men’s aerosol deodorant doesn't stain clothes?

  • Provides up to 48h sweat and odour protection

  • Goes on instantly dry

  • Prevents white marks on clothes

  • Dermatologically proven formula

  • ¼ moisturiser technology strengthens skin again irritation

What men’s spray deodorant smells the best?

Every discerning bloke has a favourite scent. One that goes with his personal style. And one that both appeals to his senses, while being the kind of scent he wants project to the world.

So, when it comes to what deodorant smells the best, opinion is based on personal taste and men’s grooming requirements.

How do men’s spray deodorants work?

The Dove Men+Care range of products is each infused with a unique, invigorating scent – there’s one for every man, and to appeal to any nose. So, while Dove men’s spray deodorants keep you dry and protect your skin, you’ll also be smelling great, all day long.

View our full range of Dove men’s spray deodorant products below.

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