baby massage

Benefits of baby massage for your newborn

  • baby dove massage step 1
    Step one.

    Massage is a great way to bond with your newborn baby, and this is one of many baby massage techniques. Start by lying your baby down on their back on a flat surface and warm a bit of baby lotion in your hands. Place two or three fingers on the right of your baby’s abdomen and draw them straight down in a firm but gentle movement, from under the ribs to their hipbone – that’s the ‘I’

  • baby dove massage step 2
    Step two.

    Next, make an upside ‘L’ by sweeping your fingers from left to right above your baby’s belly button then straight down their abdomen. Talking or singing to your baby can help to put them at ease while you do this, and make your massage a lovely bonding moment

  • baby dove massage step 3
    Step three.

    The last letter: an upside-down ‘U’. Start with your fingers on the left side of your baby’s tummy, at their hipbone. Stroke upwards, and once you get to the top of their tummy, move your fingers across in an arc over their bully button to form the bottom of the ‘U’. To complete it, move your fingers down again. The ‘I love you’ method is just one to try, but it’s easy to pick up (so it’s especially great for first time parents

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