Welcome to the world of Baby Dove

Welcome to the world of Baby Dove

We know there’s no right or wrong way to be a parent – only your way. That’s why Baby Dove is here to help you to care for your baby on your exciting but sometimes daunting journey together.

From the moment your baby is born, we’ll be there to help with our skin care expertise. Because you know what’s best for your baby, we’ll work with you to give them the gentle care they need. Just trust your way and we’ll be there to support you.  

Our range of products helps provide your baby with skin care that goes beyond mildness and restores essential moisture. Whether it’s a tear-free shampoo during baby bath time, or a soothing lotion for your baby’s dry skin.  

Ready? Let the journey begin. 

Baby Dove Rich Moisture

Sensitive Moisture

Give their skin the gentle care it needs with sensitive baby wipes and more from Baby Dove’s Sensitive Moisture range.

discover Rich Moisture

Rich Moisture

Give your baby the special, tip-to-toe care they need from the Baby Dove Rich Moisture range.

Baby Dove Vision

Baby Dove Vision

With Baby Dove, there’s no right or wrong way to be a parent – only your way. Discover our vision for making caring for your baby all about the way you know best.

Baby Dove Vision

What's new

This hypoallergenic, tear-free, fragrance-free baby wash for sensitive skin leaves your baby’s skin soft and hydrated.
A tear-free and hypoallergenic baby wash and shampoo that helps moisturise your baby’s delicate skin to keep it soft.
Formulated with our ¼ moisturising cream, this hypoallergenic, nourishing baby bar will care for your baby’s skin.
Protect your baby’s bottom from redness and irritation with this comforting and hypoallergenic baby rash cream.
Give your baby’s delicate skin the care it needs with our hypoallergenic, fragrance-free baby lotion for sensitive skin.

The best way to care for your baby? Your way

Trust Your Way

There are no perfect mums. Only real ones