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6 Tips for Bathing a Baby

The first baby bathtime is a big moment – a tiny baby in soapy water can challenge even the most confident parents. You may have questions: What’s the best time to bathe a baby? What’s the ideal baby bath temperature? How do I keep baby skin moisturised? How many times a week should I bathe them?

There are no real rules to bathing a baby. In time, you’ll find your own way and start to enjoy it. One thing you might want to keep in mind is your baby’s delicate skin. Consider things like how a tear free bath experience and the baby products you use to give your baby a comforting and fun bath time. As paediatric dermatologist and mum-of-two Dr Zilda says: “It’s worth remembering children aren’t mini adults when it comes to skin care – baby skin is thinner and has many features that are different.” 

Because delicate baby skin loses moisture quickly, it will benefit from extra care that replenishes moisture while you cleanse. Baby Dove products can help do just that.  

And here’s another helping hand – some bathtime tips from other mums and dads.

  • 1

    Melissa, mum of twins.

    “Soap can make baths slippery. I got around this by putting an old towel at the bottom of the bath. It gives some grip and helps you keep hold of that soapy, wriggling baby” 

  • 2

    Andy, dad of one. 

    "It doesn't have to be about all-singing, all-dancing bath toys. Items as simple as a flannel and plastic cup do the trick. Pouring a stream of water for my baby to run her hand through gets the biggest smile!"


  • 3

    Chris, dad of one.

    “Getting the depth of the water right is a good skill to pick up quickly. We have the water deep enough that our little one can splash away but not so deep that it goes over his face when he’s on his back kicking!”

  • 4

    Catherine, mum of three.

    “Who needs a baby bath when you have a sink? I bathed all three of my kids in ours when they were born. It’s a great way to save your back” 

  • 5

    Marnie, mum of one. 

    “Once the baby is in the bath, you can’t really move so I keep all bath products, including toys, in a mini shopping basket. I just pull it out at bath time so everything is within reach” 

  • 6

    Charlie, dad of two.

    “Bath time can seem like a chore, particularly at the end of a long day, but try to appreciate that time. You can listen to their imaginations at work, play with them and hopefully hear them giggle”