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Body Lotion

Body Lotion

Beauty is confidence. That’s why all of our products aim to leave you looking and feeling your best, while loving the body you're in. The most beautiful version of you.

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Our Dove Body Love range of body lotions helps you care for your body and show it some love, no matter how you're feeling about it.

Our rich and creamy formula contains a special Ceramide Restoring Serum that leaves your skin feeling nourished and moisturised. Easily absorbed by your skin, our indulgent body lotions deeply replenish & moisturise your skin, leaving it noticeably healthier. If there’s one product that we need for beautiful, moisturised skin, it’s a hydrating body lotion. Each body lotion in our luxurious Dove Body Love collection is tailored for a specific skin type, for visible results in no time.

For very dry skin, look no further than our fast-absorbing Dove Body Love Intense Care Body Lotion, which – with our Ceramide Restoring Serum – doesn't just moisturise, but works with your body to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier and prevent moisture loss for up to 48 hours.

Looking for a lotion to pamper your skin? Check out our Dove Body Love Pampering Care Body Lotion for dry skin. The rich formula - nourishing shea butter infused with warm vanilla - instantly hydrates, leaving you with replenished, soft, pampered, and moisturised skin. Explore each product in more detail below.

Learn more about body lotions and moisturisers and how to maintain healthy skin with our skin care tips and hacks

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