baby bath routine

Finding your newborn baby bath routine

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    Go at your own pace.

    If the first baby bath seems a bit much for you and your little one initially, you don’t have to rush into it. A newborn baby doesn’t need a bath straight away, so you can do what works for you both.

    If your child enjoys being in the bath from the first moment, that's great, but don't panic if your child doesn't take to water immediately. Lucy, Baby Dove employee and mom of one says "My son didn't love bath time initially, and I was worried he would always hate water. But within a few weeks he totally relaxed, and it's become our favourite time of day!"

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    An easy alternative.

    Until you feel ready to get your little one in the water, you could keep them comfortable on a towel and try just washing their face, neck, hands and bottom. “Sometimes water and cotton wool is all your baby’s delicate skin needs to keep it clean,” says Emily, mom of one. And to make it even simpler, you could try Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Fragrance Free Wipes – as gentle as water, these wipes are created to suit your newborn’s delicate skin, leaving it soft and moisturised

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    Warm and gentle care.

    When the time is right for that first bath, try to keep the room warm and the baby bath temperature to 37 degrees. To clean them, especially if their skin is dry, try a mild baby bath wash that is safe to use on newborns, such as Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Fragrance Free Head to Toe Wash. “It can be even better than washing with water alone, because it helps replenish the moisture in baby skin that is lost during bathing,” says Baby Dove Research and Development expert and mom of three, Bindu

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    The post-bath routine.

    With your baby's first bath time complete, you can breathe a sigh of relief and (hopefully) reflect that it wasn’t as challenging as you’d thought. But maybe you’re wondering about what to do next to settle and comfort your little one. “Warm a baby towel and then lay it out ready,” advises Craig, dad of a newborn.

    “When he comes out of the bath, he can get warm and cosy quickly.” You could finish by moisturising, and even trying a massage, with a soothing lotion that’s gentle on delicate newborn skin – such as the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Fragrance Free Lotion

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    Although you might think differently, there really are no rules to baby bath time. From the moment your baby arrives, it’s up to you how often you bath them and when to do it – although it can be a little easier if they aren’t too tired, hungry or full. Some parents prefer making it part of the evening routine but Laura, mom of two, found earlier in the day worked for her: “When both my babies were newborn, I bathed them mid-morning when they were most alert and most rested”

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