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Baby care tips

Baby Dove dry skin in babies
Dry skin in babies: your questions answered
Why is my baby’s skin dry? Visit our page on soothing dry skin in babies
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Baby Dove how baby skin is different
6 ways baby skin is different to yours
Who knew that baby skin was so different to an adult’s?
Baby Dove Treating baby nappy rash
Taking care of baby nappy rash
Baby nappy rash is common but it’s also easy to treat.
Baby Dove cares for baby skin
6 ways Baby Dove cares for baby skin
From diaper cream to moisturising lotion and baby liquid soap, find out all you need to know about Baby Dove’s baby products
Baby Dove healthy, soft baby skin
6 tips for healthy, soft baby skin
Wondering how to care for baby skin? Baby Dove is with you at every step
Baby care tips
6 survival tips for new mums and dads

Before your little one arrived, you probably had a vision of what life with a baby would be like – but the reality might be quite different. While they can fill your world with joy, babies can also take a lot out of their parents. Everything is unknown and there can be an overwhelming array of advice, so it’s not surprising there are some stressed-out mums and dads. But there are no perfect parents, and as time goes by you’ll start to gain confidence and trust your instincts when it comes to caring for your baby. 

You’re not alone. It’s a good idea to talk to other parents – they have been through those early days, and their experiences may reassure you that you can trust your own way, too.

We asked some real parents how they coped during those early days.

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Baby Dove cradle cap
What to do with cradle cap
Although crust on the baby’s head does clear up on its own, these tips may help speed up the process
Baby Dove bathing a baby
6 tips for bathing a baby
Bathing a baby can be a challenge but we’ve got tips from real parents on making it more enjoyable for you and your baby
Baby Dove Sensitive skin care
Baby skincare: gentle care for sensitive skin
Visit our baby skincare page for tips on sensitive baby skin
Dove DEFI  moisturising cream
How ¼ moisturising cream and DEFI cares for your baby’s skin
Learn more about the mild, ¼ moisturising cream care Baby Dove provides
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Baby Dove Baby products to the test
Discover how our experts put our baby products to the test
Discover how we put all Baby Dove products to the test
Baby Dove Meaning of Hypoallergenic
Hypoallergenic – what does it mean and why does it matter?
All Baby Dove products are hypoallergenic. But what does that mean?
Baby Dove Science behind baby's skin
Understanding the science behind your baby's skin
Baby skin is unique – discover the importance of mild, moisturising care
Baby Dove Neutral PH for baby nappy rash
Neutralising pH to help relieve baby nappy rash
Discover the benefits of a nappy rash cream that actively neutralises pH
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Dove Baby name inspiration
Choosing baby names your own way
Looking for baby name inspiration? We asked parents how they chose theirs
Baby Dove Tear-free baby bath
What’s the secret to a tear-free baby bathtime?
How tear-free Baby Dove products can help make baby bathtimes stress-free
Baby Dove what makes our products different
What makes Baby Dove baby products different?
Discover how Dove baby products are developed for delicate baby skin