Dove How to bag the best moisturiser

How to bag the best moisturiser

  • 1
    Keep it simple.

    Just like facial moisturiser, the best body moisturiser for your skin isn’t about the fanciest formulas. A simple but effective combination means you won’t clog pores with unnecessary ingredients

  • 2
    Know your skin.

    Knowing what you want out of your skin care couldn’t be more important when finding the best moisturiser. Whether you’re after deep nourishment, or a pampering scent, it’s the key to providing the right kind of care for your body

  • 3
    Apply before bed.

    When choosing the best moisturiser for dry skin, opt for an oil-based formula or one with shea butter. Apply before bed so that they have more time to work deep below skin

  • 4
    Go fragrant.

    Whether you love the creamy scent of vanilla or prefer light, floral fragrances, choose a moisturiser that smells exactly how you want to. Dove Indulgent Nourishing Body Lotion with Shea Butter leaves skin beautifully scented, as well as soft and smooth

  • 5
    Nourish dry areas.

    Some parts of the body can get dry easily – feet, knees and elbows are frequent culprits. If you’re nodding in recognition, keep a deeply nourishing moisturiser like Dove Intensive Nourishment Body Lotion in your beauty arsenal to give those areas extra attention when they need it

  • 6
    Look out for vitamins.

    Look out for vitamins A, C and E. Experts recommend these powerful antioxidants as they protect our skin from signs of ageing

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