Essential Nutrients Deep Cleansing Cream 

This rich yet gentle cream cleanser is enriched with essential nutrients for soft, smooth and supple skin.


• pH-balanced cleansing cream leaves skin beautifully clean, soft and supple

• Nourishing make-up remover

• Enriched with essential nutrients 

• Helps protect your skin’s natural moisture balance

• Doesn’t cause irritation

• Suitable cleanser for sensitive skin care

Sometimes it’s just the little things in life that make us feel happy – like cleansing your face after a long day. Dove Essential Nutrients Deep Cleansing Cream is a classic cleanser with a rich, gentle cream that nourishes your skin as it melts away make-up and traces of dirt. 

Both a facial cleanser and make-up remover in one, this pH-balanced cleansing cream leaves your skin clean and feeling comfortable, not dry. Enriched with essential nutrients, the formula helps protect your skin's natural moisture balance, leaving you with supple, softer-feeling skin. And with no colourants whatsoever, our gentle cleansing cream also helps to prevent irritation, making it an ideal cleanser for sensitive skin. 

Delivering everything your skin needs to feel clean, soft and supple, Dove Essential Nutrients Deep Cleansing Cream is one of those little things that make a big difference. 

• Daily cleansing 
Give your skin the gentle daily care it needs with Dove Essential Nutrients Deep Cleansing Cream and enjoy supple and soft skin

• Removing make-up
Wipe away the day with this facial cleanser that doubles as a make-up remover and enjoy beautifully smooth skin

• Cleansing sensitive and dry skin
The secret to keeping sensitive and dry skin happy? A moisturising cleanser that won’t dry out skin is a good place to start. This cleansing cream is pH-balanced and contains essential nutrients to help protect your natural moisture balance. Formulated without colourants, it’s suitable for sensitive skin, too

Massage your cleansing cream into your skin with your hands using gentle circular motions. Remove with cotton wool or a warm muslin face cloth and pat skin dry.

Using a warm muslin face cloth not only helps to remove traces of make-up and dirt, but its steam and warmth also helps to open skin’s pores. The cloth gently scrubs the skin, providing a light exfoliation, leaving clean and smooth skin. 

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