How to cleanse and care for acne-prone skin

How to cleanse and care for acne-prone skin

  • 1
    Don’t over wash.

    It’s important to keep acne-prone skin clean, but too much washing could dry it out – leaving it feeling uncomfortable. Washing skin once or twice a day is just about right to keep your body cleansed while maintaining moisture 

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    Choose your cleanser carefully.

    Try using a mild cleanser instead of regular soap (which can strip skin of its natural moisture). Dove Original Beauty Cream Bar has a mild formula and contains ¼ moisturising cream and helps leave your body feeling soft and smooth after washing. Plus, it is clinically proven to be compatible with acne-prone skin 

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    Minimise touching your skin.

    Avoid touching your skin too much. The dirt and oil we pick up on our hands can often contribute to pores becoming clogged, which in some cases could cause blemishes 

  • 4
    Soak up some steam.

    As you shower, allow the warm steam time to get to work. It will help loosen debris and impurities from pores which could help keep acne-prone skin clean and refreshed 

  • 5
    Avoid strong fragrances.

    The chemicals used to create some perfumes could contribute to irritating certain types of acne-prone skin. To help minimise the chances of any flare-ups, opt for gentle products when washing. We’ve made Dove Pure & Sensitive Beauty Bar without any of the harsh ingredients often used to create 

  • 6
    Keep hair off your face.

    If you have acne-prone skin on your face as well as your body, try to keep hair tied back. This will help to avoid transferring the natural oils from your hair onto your skin, which could contribute to blocked pores