Dove Hand wash advice

Hand wash advice

  • Dove Hand Wash Advice
    Timing is key.

    First things first: proper hand washing should last at least 20 seconds, making sure you’ve massaged every part with your chosen hand washing product

  • Dove Hand Wash Advice
    Avoid dryness.

    Find that washing your hands a lot leaves your skin dry and tight? Wash hands with a product that combines cleansing with moisturisers, like Dove Beauty Cream Wash, with a special formulation that helps protect your skin’s natural moisture level. It contains our ¼ moisturising cream to keep your hands hydrated and soft, plus a pH-neutral formulation that’s mild on your skin    

  • Dove Hand Wash Advice
    Pick caring products.

    Your hands deserve to be more than just clean – they deserve to be pampered, at every opportunity. Our Supreme Fine Silk Cream Wash cares for your hands every time you wash, cleansing and helping to protect your skin’s moisture levels    

  • Dove Hand Wash Advice
    Choose beautiful scents.

    Don’t forget that it’s not just about what your hands need, but what you want, too – so choose a hand wash which offers you a little something extra. Our Go Fresh Cream Wash, with its refreshing cucumber and green tea fragrance, is the perfect pick-me-up on a gloomy day – you’ll be looking for excuses to get your hands dirty

  • Dove Hand Wash Advice
    Dry carefully.

    When you’re drying your hands post hand washing, try to use a fresh towel. If possible, keep a pile of hand towels in the bathroom and wash them often. Not only will they stay fluffy and soft longer (prolonging that pampered feeling), but they’re less likely to spread any nasty germs, too    

  • Dove Hand Wash Advice
    Leave hands hydrated.

    To keep your hands beautifully hydrated and soft, follow with a good hand lotion, like DermaSpa Intensive Hand Cream. Keep it by the sink so you will always remember to use it

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