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Dove How to cleanse in a skin emergency

From flare-ups to dry skin: how-to cleanse in a skin emergency

We’ve all had to deal with a skin emergency – whether that be sensitive skin after a day with too much time in the sun, or the morning after the night before, when a severe lack of sleep is written all over your face. But pause on the panic: there are ways to help fix them. Here are our favourite cleansing tips to help restore order, from soothing redness with gentle care to putting the glow back into dull skin with a deep body cleanse. 


Our favourite tip: How to prevent acne is a question many of us have asked ourselves at one point or another. In reality, we all know that pimples can’t be instantly vanished – and though you might think drying them out is the way to clear them, harsh cleansers or over-scrubbing can actually make things worse. Avoid this by choosing a nourishing cleanser over a drying one (even the best soap for sensitive skin can dry skin out). Unlike soap, our Original Beauty Cream Bar moisturises your skin as you cleanse, making it ideal for gently clearing away build-up.

Why it works: Your skin actually needs sebum (the natural oil that protects it) but there’s a delicate balance. Over-scrubbing can strip too much sebum away, so your skin makes even more… and that can lead to body acne or pimples on your face. Clean your skin with a gentle cleanser to keep everything balanced, helping your skin to clear up on its own.



Our favourite tip: Who doesn’t love the feeling of an icy shower after a day in the sun? Turns out, it’s actually the best thing for sunburn too. Just add some sensitive skin products to your shower routine to top it off, such as Dove Micellar Water Bar. It’ll boost your cool cleanse with comfortable care.

Why it works: When you’re trying to soothe sunburn, it’s best to keep your skin clean and cared for so that you don’t strip it further during your body cleanse. Looking for the best soap for sensitive skin? Our Micellar Water Bar will help to nourish skin without dry it like ordinary soap can – just make sure to leave your exfoliator to the side, for now.



Our favourite tip: If you’re trying to improve dry skin, moisturising at every opportunity is the answer – even in the shower. Dry skin patches can be hard to avoid (especially in cold weather) so before you use a moisturiser, try adding some nourishment with a gentle body wash like Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash.

Why it works: Even though it sounds confusing, washing skin can actually dry it out. The secret is keeping your skin feeling fresh and clean, but full of moisture. To achieve this many of our nourishing body washes contain glycerine, which helps to hydrate your skin by drawing water to it – that’s why they’re ideal for soothing dry and dehydrated skin.



Our favourite tip: Skin looking a little tired? Complexion lacking its natural glow? Sounds like it’s time for you to exfoliate. By gently buffing away those dead skin cells, you’ll fix skin in a flash, so boost your body cleanse by using our Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash in the shower – it’ll leave you feeling smoother and softer after just one wash.

Why it works: Dead cells can make your skin appear much duller than it is actually is, which is what gives you that tired look. Clear them away and the smoother, brighter skin beneath will be revealed – you’ll look like you’ve had a whole eight hours of sleep in an instant.