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Importance Of Moisturising In Men's Skin Care Health

Importance Of Moisturising In Men’s Skin Care Health


The Importance Of Moisturising In Men’s Skin Care Health

A moisturising skin care routine may not sound like the manliest thing, but even the mightiest of men are vulnerable to the negative effects cold winter weather, sun exposure, frequent washing and shaving can have on your skin. These and other factors such as harsh soaps and scrubbing too hard when bathing, strip the moisture from your skin which then causes dry skin.

In addition to dry skin, a loss of moisture can also result in heightened skin sensitivity. Both dry and sensitive skin can result in peeling, cracking, itchiness, or the skin breaking-out. So, if you want to keep your rugged good looks in top shape, moisturising must be the foundation of your skin care routine.

Why Men Need To Moisturise Skin

So, a good moisturising routine is essential to men’s skin care:

  • To prevent and address skin dryness, irritation and inflammation
  • To fortify the skin barrier - strengthening your skin
  • To lock in and retain your skin’s moisture levels
  • To help you cope with the effects of shaving




How to moisturise men’s skin?

Now that we’ve covered why you need to moisturise, let’s cover how you can moisturise your skin. While providing care and protection for your loved ones may be second nature to you, providing products that deliver replenishing care and protect your skin from dryness is in our realm of expertise.

Dove’s Men+Care range of body washes and deodorants are all formulated with our classic ¼ moisturising technology, giving you a simple way to make moisturisation a part of your skin care routine.


Are moisturisers for men and women the same?

The most common difference between moisturisers for men and women is that women’s moisturisers are often fragranced. However, some products are specially formulated to cater for the needs of men’s thicker skin or women’s more acne prone skin. The question then is, what is the best skin care treatment for men?


The best moisturising skin care for men

For the best skin care for men, explore our Dove Men+Care range of replenishing cleansers with MicroMoisture technology to provide hydration for healthier, stronger skin. Our Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash delivers refreshing hydration and cool cleansing to your skin, leaving you feeling clean and your skin feeling recharged.

With a ¼ moisturising technology to protect your skin against irritation and 100% alcohol-free formula, the Dove Men+Care Cool Fresh Antiperspirant Deodorant is ideal to provide moisturising support after you shave. Our deodorants give your skin hydrating moisture while keeping sweat and body odour under control so that you can take on the day feeling cool, comfortable, and smelling great.

While you may be one of the toughest guys around, all that mettle is no match against the negative effects of dry skin. So, explore our Dove Men+Care range of body washes and deodorants for products designed to protect and provide moisturising care for healthy, hydrated skin.

If you don’t know how to choose body moisturisers for dry skin, then read more on skincare tips and advice or grooming tips for men.