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Dove Men+Care Shaving rash

How to stop shaving rash

The feeling of smooth skin after a shave is unbeatable. Shaving rash isn’t. Follow these simple steps to prevent shaving rash and come out of your routine with healthy, hydrated skin.

What causes shaving rash for men?

Shaving rash, also known as shaving or razor bumps, can be a very irritating problem for men. The good news is that there are some things you can do to stop shaving rash. The first step is to figure out what is causing your shaving rash. There are a number of different factors that can contribute to a shaving rash, including using a dull razor, shaving without a lubricant, and shaving against the grain. Once you know what is causing your shave rash, you can take steps to prevent it.

How to stop shaving rash?

First, make sure your skin is clean and free of any oils or makeup before you start shaving. This will help to ensure that your razor glides smoothly over your skin. Second, use a sharp razor - a dull blade will tug at your hair and irritate your skin. Third, always shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid ingrown hairs. And finally, apply a soothing moisturiser to your skin after shaving to calm any irritation.

Tips on Preventing Shaving Rash & Achieve Smooth, Moisturised Skin

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    Pre-shave prep is extremely important to prevent shaving rash – make sure your skin is wet before applying products so the hair is softer and easier to remove 

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    Brush up.

    For a closer shave, use a badger brush to apply your shaving cream – it will ensure the lather completely surrounds the hairs so you achieve a closer, smoother result

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    Shaving cream.

    Using a good quality shaving cream will reduce the risk of developing a rash – it needs to contain lubricants to provide a smooth razor glide over your skin. Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ Shave Cream does all that, plus its moisturising agents will help protect your skin from razor irritations

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    Keep your razor sharp.

    Change the blade regularly – a sharp razor is much less likely to cut your skin, and will remove the hairs cleanly so they won’t create bumps when they grow back

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    Refine your technique.

    For best results, shave in the direction your hair grows, pressing lightly and not applying too much pressure, with short, swift movements. Clean the blade after every stroke, too

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    Post-shave, apply something soothing like Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ Post-Shave Balm, which contains Vitamin B5 to relieve burning and irritation. Read our tips for moisturising skin after shaving for a quick guide.