Dove Men+Care Men’s deodorant

Men’s deodorant

What’s the most important product you use? For many, the answer to that question would be a good deodorant for men – one that’s tough on sweat, but not on skin

With a range of great men’s deodorant products that don’t just offer protection from sweat, Dove Men+Care deodorant cares for your skin, too.

Whatever version you choose, Dove Men+Care combines advanced ¼ moisturiser technology with powerful antiperspirant ingredients, to moisturise and help protect skin, reducing the risk of irritation and leaving it feeling comfortable.  

Whether you favour a roll-on or you’re loyal to an aerosol, Dove Men+Care has got men’s deodorant to keep you reliably dry and fresh all day.  

Which deodorant doesn't stain clothes?

Men's deodorant is an important part of any man's daily routine. Not only does it help to keep underarm sweat and body odour under control, but it also helps to prevent clothing from becoming stained with deodorant marks. However, not all men's deodorants are created equal. Some men's deodorants contain ingredients that can cause staining, while others do not. Try Dove Men+Care Invisible Dry Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, it's typically the best choice for men who are looking to avoid staining their clothes. 

Which deodorant is long-lasting for men?

There are a lot of deodorants out there claiming to be the best for men, but it can be tough to know which one will actually last all day long. If you're looking for a men's deodorant that will keep you smelling fresh no matter what, try Dove men's deodorants. 

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