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winter care for baby skin

Winter care for baby skin

Cold weather can have an impact on everyone’s skin and particularly your baby’s. The harsher conditions make us all more susceptible to dry skin in winter and your little one’s delicate skin can be especially sensitive. But there are ways to care for it at this chilly time of year. 

You and your little one will probably have found your own baby skin care routine, but you might find it needs tweaking in winter (just like ours does). The cold and windy weather can often cause dryness and chapping or signs of a baby skin rash – especially on body parts exposed to the elements – and cranked-up central heating can dry out their skin even further. If your baby already has dry skin, or a condition like eczema, it can sometimes get worse. 

All this means is they might need more gentle care than usual. You’ll soon work out your own way around baby skin care in winter, but here moms and dads – and Baby Dove scientists – offer some helpful hints:

  • 1

    Winter wardrobe.

    “Even in the colder winter months, my family likes to get outside, so we layer up,” says Laura, mom of two. Lighter layers are good as you can unravel them according to the temperature – the general rule is that babies should wear one more layer than us. Hats and gloves keep little heads and hands warm, but consider steering clear of wool, as it can irritate your baby’s delicate skin

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    More moisture.

    Baby skin can lose moisture up to five times more quickly as ours and that is exacerbated in winter. “It is important to keep baby skin moisturised,” explains Baby Dove Research and Development expert and mom of three Bindu. Children’s nurse and mom of two Tracey agrees. “Cover all the skin you can, but obviously the face and the lips are most exposed,” she explains.

    “We put barrier cream or moisturiser on their face to keep the moisture in and stop the cold from damaging the skin.” Using a baby skin lotion like Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Fragrance Free Lotion can help prevent dryness, as it hydrates for up to 24 hours. Apply it after bath time to lock in as much moisture as possible

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    Care at bathtime.

    Long, hot baths might dehydrate your baby’s delicate skin more at this time of year, so short and warm is best. “We had a winter baby,” says Emily, mom of a newborn, “so right from the get-go we had to deal with what cold weather can do to their skin. Using products specifically designed for babies really helped.” Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Head to Toe Fragrance Free Wash is not just mild for their delicate skin, it also replenishes the skin-natural nutrients lost through bathing. This helps protect the skin’s natural barrier that prevents future moisture loss

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    Shampoo too. 

    While it’s often the cheeks and lips that bear the brunt of the drying winter air, the head is just as susceptible, as Baby Dove employee and dad of three Junaid explains: “Our son’s scalp became extremely dry, probably because he used to wear a hat all the time.” Using a nourishing shampoo, such as the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Shampoo, can help soothe and hydrate the delicate skin on their scalp

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    Go fragrance free in winter. 

    If your little one has especially sensitive skin in winter weather, fragrance-free, mild baby skin care products for sensitive skin can help prevent irritation. The hypoallergenic Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture range is fragrance free and goes beyond mildness to replenish moisture and nutrients, making it a great choice for sensitive skin in the wintertime