Men+Care 0% Aluminium Roll On Deodorant Clean Comfort 

Dove Men+Care aluminium salt-free deodorant provides protection against odour with a fresh, clean scent.

50 ML

• Dove Men+Care deodorant that’s tough on odour 
• Up to 24-hour freshness 
• Dove roll-on helps prevent body odour 
• 0% aluminium salts 
• Clean, fresh scent
Your day shouldn’t end with sweat and odour, so protect it with Dove Men+Care 0% Aluminium Clean Comfort Deodorant Roll-on. This aluminium salt-free deodorant contains a formula that provides 24 hours of odour defence, for freshness that endures as long as you do. 

Tough on odour, Dove roll-on deodorant has got you covered when it comes to freshness that lasts. 

What’s the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant? 
It’s simple. Both Dove Men+Care deodorants and antiperspirants fight odour, but formulated with aluminium salts to help reduce sweat, antiperspirants keep you feeling dry too. For 24-hour odour protection with just the necessary ingredients, choose a Dove Men+Care aluminium-free deodorant. Dove Men+Care 0% Aluminium Clean Comfort Roll-on Deodorant helps keep you odour-free all day.