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Tips for Moisturising Skin After Shaving

Shaving - for some women it’s a must, for others it’s a joy, but for many, it is an essential part of our grooming routine to achieve silky smooth skin. Every so often, the time comes when your underarm needs some attention through a razor blade , hair removal applicators or waxing , but shaving can be a serious undertaking that takes its toll on your delicate underarm skin.

While shaving is a great solution for addressing all your hairy bits, but even removing old skin cells, can irritate your skin, leading to redness, dryness and soreness, which results in weakening of the skin barrier. So any time you reach for the blade, it is essential that you give some thought to your post-shave skin care plan, so that you can maintain smooth, moisturised skin after you shave.

Because we understand that your skin needs an extra bit of nourishing care to help keep it moisturised, especially after shaving, we have some great tips below on how to best care for your skin after you’ve had a trim.

Causes of dry skin after shaving

Shaving can physically disrupt the underarm skin barrier, leading to loss of moisture, increased dryness, irritation and inflammation. While shaving is a serious offender when it comes to causing dry underarm skin, there are other factors that also sap the moisture from your skin while you have your razor in hand.

Some of these moisture stripping factors include using a drying soap or shaving cream, poor shaving technique, dull razor blades, and using water that is so hot it strips away the skin’s moisture and depletes its natural oils.

With so many opportunities for your skin to lose moisture due to hair removal , shaving, a solid start-to-finish shaving plan is essential for soft, smooth & moisturised skin after you shave. A solid grooming strategy will go a long way in helping you avoid the factors that can cause your skin to lose moisture when you shave, while ensuring that you also care for your delicate underarm skin and restore the moisture, for soft and radiant after shaving.

Protection while shave

To help you maintain soft, smooth, supple, moisturised skin after shaving, here are two top tips for caring for your skin before and during shaving.

Pick a moisturising shaving cream

Your go-to soap or shaving cream to lather up your underarms before shaving, can often contain ingredients that wick away moisture from your skin while you tend to your fuzz. So, instead, use a moisturising shaving cream to help your skin retain moisture, and not sap it away.

Turn down the heat

Using hot water when shaving is another culprit that depletes the moisture from your skin. The next time you are doing some self-care by shaving, make sure you use warm water as it is kinder to your skin.

Post-shave care

Now that you have your pre-shave plan set and a little more direction for what to do during, here are some tips for moisturising after shaving.

How to Moisturise After Shaving

Listen to your skin - if your skin is often irritated after you shave, it may be your skin’s way of telling you either you are shaving too frequently, shaving with the wrong technique, or you need to take a break from shaving altogether. If you still need to get that groom session in, consider an alternative hair removal method like waxing, in the meantime.

Sun protection is key - after shaving your skin is more sensitive due to the stripping away of moisture and the friction against your skin while shaving. Your skin’s heightened sensitivity means that it is more susceptible to damage from the sun, so incorporate a sunscreen into your post-shaving moisturisation routine, to keep your skin moisturised and safe from sun damage.

Use a caring deodorant - shaving leaves your delicate underarm skin irritated and dry, and your skin can’t repair itself effectively when it is poorly moisturised. For soft, supple underarms after shaving, use a moisturising deodorant that supports skin recovery like the Dove Beauty Finish Roll-On Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. Formulated with a unique ¼ moisturising cream and natural, caring sunflower seed oil that restores your skin’s moisture levels and reduces irritation, this is a deodorant that will help your delicate underarm skin to recover from irritation caused by shaving.

Use alcohol-free products - make sure the post-shaving products you use are alcohol-free because apart from the sharp stinging sensation that will rock your pits after using a deodorant with alcohol, these products also tend to further dry out the skin. Explore our Dove Range of alcohol free anti-perspirants, for long-lasting, restoring care, that won’t sting after you shave.

When the time to shave comes around, your skin needs a bit of extra care to help it retain moisture and stay soft and smooth. So, have your before, during and post-shaving strategy in tow, and be sure to include a soothing, replenishing deodorant as an essential step, for the best underarm care after you shave.