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Communicating with your child should be easy. But miscommunication is easier. You make a simple comment about what they’re wearing and they storm off, slamming the door. You ask what they had for lunch and they assume it’s an attack about their diet.

While you’re just trying to show how much you care about them, their reactions suggest you’re speaking a different language. 

Of course there will always be times when your child misinterprets what you’re saying, but by improving your listening skills and verbal communication, you can show them that you don’t intend to hurt or upset them – and hopefully cut down on the arguments.

If you and your child seem to argue continually, you need our Parent Translator. Share this page with your child so you can both try it out and start a conversation where fewer of your words get lost in translation.

next steps

  • Share the Parent Translator with your child. It will help them understand that you don’t mean to upset them when you talk about their friends, diet and social life – and may improve communications between you
  • Use the animations and action checklist to shape the conversation when you talk to your child
  • How did the videos make them feel? Can they see that what people say and what they mean are open to interpretation?
  • Encourage your child to share the videos with their friends and have the same conversation with them

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