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Neutralising pH to help relieve baby nappy rash

Nappy rash is often a fact of parenting, no matter how careful you are. Your baby’s delicate skin is about 30% thinner than yours and much more sensitive. Add a warm, wet nappy into the mix – plus friction caused by kicking and crawling – and it's little wonder most babies get nappy rash at some point. 

“Nappy rash is inevitable at some level, especially when they start sleeping through the night,” says Baby Dove scientist and parent Evan Hillman. So it’s not surprising that at least a quarter of the children seen each day by Dr. Dina – a paediatrician and mother of four – have nappy rashes.


Why does it happen?

Your baby's poo contains enzymes that can irritate their delicate skin, and their wee may make these damaging enzymes more active – which is why it's so important to apply a protective barrier cream whenever you change them.

Wet and dirty nappies can also raise the pH of delicate baby skin, particularly if left on for long periods, such as overnight while your baby is sleeping. This can weaken their natural skin barrier – which is slightly acidic – increasing the likelihood of irritation and those tell-tale red spots. That's why a product that helps to bring down pH is important too.

“When skin pH is balanced, the skin is able to function and restore itself properly, creating a healthy barrier,” says Kimberly Day, Baby Dove scientist and mum of two.


So what can you do to help prevent and treat your baby’s nappy rash? 

Dr. Dina explains that “neutralising the skin and applying a good barrier cream (which typically contains zinc oxide) can be very helpful.” To be effective, the cream you use needs to soothe soreness and help treat nappy rashes on babies effectively, as well as protecting against further irritation.

Baby Dove Rich Moisture Nappy Cream does all of this. Its unique blend of active ingredients includes zinc oxide, which instantly forms a protective layer to assist against the causes of nappy rash, and zinc sulphate, which brings down pH levels fast, helping to calm your baby's sore skin. The creamy formula provides instant comfort from the first use, and is easy to spread – and wipe off – wherever and whenever you change your baby.

For Evan, it's become an essential part of his baby son's routine: “We use a healthy dose of nappy rash cream before we put him to bed.”