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Dove Skin cleansing advice

Skin cleansing advice

This just in: cleansing isn’t just about getting clean skin. When we’re talking about how to clean the skin, we should be talking about how to care for the skin, too. After all, skincare is just as much of an act of beauty as, say, washing your hair, so let’s treat it that way.

How? By making sure your cleansing products are delivering superior care – not just cleaning your skin, but helping to beautify it by improving its condition and feel. Once you’re sure of that, you can find everything else you need to know in our nuggets of advice below…

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    Use warm water.

    An important skin care secret is to use warm water, not hot. Hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils and leave it feeling dry and tight – and no one needs that

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    Moisturise while cleansing.

    When cleaning skin, use moisturising products whenever you can – beautiful skin is nourished skin, and hydration should be at every step of your regimen. Our White Beauty Bar, contains our famous ¼ moisturising cream, so it cleanses AND cares for your skin all in one step 

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    Want to know how to deeply clean skin? Exfoliation is a good place to start. It refines the surface of your skin, removing dead skin cells and sweeping away dirt and oil. In addition to its deep skin cleansing talents, it’s handy for moisturisation, too, helping to loosen dead skin cells and allowing your body cream to work effectively. Try our Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar – just massage using circular motions upwards over your body for a few minutes, then rinse

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    Suit your skin’s condition.

    To get the most out of your cleanser, make sure it works with your skin, not against it. This means keeping an eye on your skin’s condition and changing your products to suit it – whether it’s a spell of dryness, thanks to the changing seasons, or a bout of sensitivity

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    Care for sensitive skin.

    If your skin is prone to sensitivity, it needs extra special care to keep it healthy and radiant. So look for hypoallergenic and unscented products. Our Sensitive Skin Unscented Beauty Bar makes a great shower buddy if your delicate skin needs a gentle clean

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    Don’t over-wash.

    Over-washing can dry out your skin, especially if it’s sensitive or dry, so cleansing once (or twice a day for your face) is more than enough