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Dove Dealing with skin irritation

Keeping skin irritation at bay

Forgive the pun, but skin problems are pretty irritating. Whether it’s rashes, redness or a skin allergy that’s ailing you, not knowing what’s behind it can be frustrating. To help, we’ve singled out six of the most common everyday causes of skin irritation. Check out these common culprits below, and find out what you can do to avoid them. We can’t promise to cure your skincare woes, but we can help you keep irritated skin at bay, and help to leave it looking and feeling clear, calm and beautiful.

  • 1

    Try warm water.

    Hot water: if you have sensitive skin, hot water can result in itching, by stripping the natural oils away too quickly. Lay off the long, steamy showers and try using warm water instead, which is gentler on your skin

  • 2

    Stay out of the sun.

    Sun exposure: we might love hanging out in the sunshine, but it’s not as fun for our skin, which is sensitive to UV rays. Making sure you use an SPF and staying out of the sun when it’s at its strongest can help you to avoid sun-related irritation such as sunburn

  • 3

    Avoid traditional soap.

    Soap: harsh ingredients in traditional soaps can often strip skin of its natural oils. Instead use our Dove Pure & Sensitive Beauty Bar, which despite appearances, isn’t a soap. This gentle cleanser features our ¼ moisturising cream so it actually helps to nourish your skin while it cleans, leaving it soft and smooth

  • 4

    Use hypoallergenic products.

    Allergens: look for hypoallergenic products to make sure they’ll be kind to your skin. Dove Pure & Sensitive Beauty Bar  is unscented and hypoallergenic, and gentle on skin

  • 5

    Try a mild cleanser.

    Cleansers: dryness is a common skin woe made worse by harsh cleansers that can damage your skin barrier so that your skin can’t retain moisture properly, leaving it feeling tight and uncomfortable. Our Pure & Sensitive Beauty Bar is mild and thus helps to preserve your skin’s natural moisture barrier while allowing you to enjoy its creamy, pampering lather 

  • 6

    Pick a gentle exfoliator.

    Scrubbing: rough exfoliators and loofahs can be tough on skin. To get a deep cleanse without the grains and abrasives use Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash – it’ll help you buff away old skin cells gently and effectively