Six signs of healthy-looking skin and tips to get them

Six signs of healthy-looking skin and tips to get them

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    A sure sign of healthy skin is a glowing complexion – and it might not be as hard as you think to achieve. Adding  exercise to our routine could help improve skin health by boosting our circulation, which in turn helps keeps skin beautifully vibrant

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    Plump, filled-out looking skin is usually a sign of it being well hydrated – and just the sort of healthy skin sign we like to see. To help keep skin happy, use a nourishing cleanser like our Deeply Nourishing Body Wash. Its rich lather helps replenish moisture while you wash

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    To help get this sign of healthy skin, massage Dove Original Beauty Cream Bar onto your skin – the creamy lather and moisturizing ingredients leave skin radiant, as well as soft and smooth

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    For sumptuously soft feeling skin, use a product that leaves skin feeling moisturised after washing. All of our shower and bath products contain moisturising ingredients to leave skin feeling hydrated with each wash

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    Helping keep skin feeling smooth is as easy as finding a gentle exfoliator to use regularly. Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar delicately buffs away dead skin cells while moisturising, to reveal smooth skin after every use

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    One of our favorite tips for healthy-looking skin is getting a little extra sleep. While you’re getting enough sleep, your body will continue to renew skin cells as it rests, resulting in skin looking brighter