A guide to understanding eczema symptoms

A guide to understanding eczema symptoms

  • 1
    Try a nourishing cleanser.

    First: try a nourishing body cleanser in the shower, so that you’re putting essential nutrients back into your skin, not stripping them out. Dove Pure & Sensitive Beauty Bar allows you to cleanse gently and still indulge in the rich, creamy lather you love

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    Avoid common triggers.

    Avoid common triggers to which your skin could be sensitive. This could include certain fabrics (especially ones that don’t allow skin to breathe like synthetics), some washing detergents and even heat 

  • 3
    Don’t scratch.

    What is eczema’s most annoying symptom? For many of us, it’s the itching. But if there’s one golden rule, it’s this: don’t scratch. Scratching damages the skin’s surface, in turn causing more eczema symptoms – it’s a tragic cycle. Can’t help yourself? Try gently rubbing it instead

  • 4
    Moisturise regularly.

    Regularly use moisturising products to stop skin becoming drier – even when you aren’t experiencing any eczema symptoms. Oh, and here’s a bonus tip: keep a supply anywhere you might need it – at school, in your desk at work, in the car – so you have one on hand when you need it

  • 5
    Switch to warm water.

    Bathe in warm water, not hot. Hot water can strip your skin of its natural oils and leave it feeling dry and tight. That’s unwelcome at the best of times, but can really aggravate eczema symptoms

  • 6
    Use gentle products.

    Finally: avoid harsh soaps – they can dry out skin. Dove Pure & Sensitive Beauty Bar is a much gentler cleanser suitable for mild eczema: it gently removes dirt and make-up, without further drying out your skin