How to build a skin care routine

How to build a skin care routine

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    Tailor your products.

    How you cleanse sets your skin up for the rest of the routine, so tailor it to you. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to avoid hot water, or if you have dry skin you might want to use a cleanser that’s super-moisturising

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    Exfoliating is great for helping rid the skin of dead cells and other dirt and debris (plus, it’s great for getting your circulation going, too). How much of this you do is down to your skin type: you might prefer a gentle daily exfoliation, or a full-on dry body brushing session once a week

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    Moisturiser is your skin’s secret weapon.

    It’s what your entire routine should be built around. Appreciate that moment of peace by making your everyday moisturiser something really special. Dove DermaSpa Goodness3 Body Lotion combines our dermatological expertise with spa indulgence. Deeply  nourished skin that comes with big extravagance

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    Try new products.

    Sometimes your skin needs more than nourishment, so get the best out of your routine by thinking about what you want from your skin and using products that will help you deliver it. Maybe you want improved elasticity and firmness? Try our DermaSpa Uplifted+ Body Roll-on which, together with its massaging roller-ball applicator, helps to improve skin firmness

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    Pay every bit of your body some attention…

    like your hands. We know hand cream might not jump to mind when talking about a skin care regimen, but it’s important to give them daily care, too. Try our DermaSpa Goodness3 Indulgent Hand Cream [insert link] to relieve dryness and improve resilience

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    Add a little something special to your routine.

    Our Goodness Body Oil. It’ll add a luminous sheen to your skin is perfect for nights out, holidays or just making Monday that little bit more exciting…