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Dove Men+Care Men's shaving tips

Men’s shaving tips

A great shave can be simple – as long as you have the best shaving cream and a fail-safe shaving regime based on three steps: pre-shave, shave and post-shave.

  • 1

    Prep your skin.

    For the best result, preparation is key. Pre-shave, make sure the hair is thoroughly wet (it makes it weak and easier to cut). Showering before you shave is the ideal way to do this

  • 2

    Soften hair pre-shave.

    To help make hair removal simple, try a pre-shave oil: it softens the hair and makes it more razor-friendly, while protecting skin with lubricants

  • 3

    Choose a gentle shaving cream.

    Now for the action: use the best shaving cream you can find. Look out for products that contain moisturisers to keep your skin from drying out, such as Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ Pro-Moisture Shave Cream

  • 4

    Massage skin.

    To help protect skin from the razor, the secret’s in the lather of your shaving cream: use circular movements to massage it into the skin and work up a thick, rich foam (this motion will also help to raise the hair, giving you a closer finish)

  • 5

    Shave with the grain.

    Sounds simple but always be sure to shave with the grain (in the direction your hair grows). This will reduce your chances of having a shaving rash or, possibly worse, ingrown hairs

  • 6

    Use after-shave cream.

    Finally, develop your post-shave routine. Skin needs to be soothed with an after-shave cream like Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ Post-Shave Balm. It’ll relieve any redness and irritation and leave you with smooth, healthy skin