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3 ways to be the best female role models

Fancy yourself as an inspirational woman? It’s easier than you think. In honour of the best friends who make us want to be amazing women, we’ve come up with three simple ways to be just as motivational in return.

All hail our best friends. The inspirational women in our lives who we wouldn’t be without - whether we’re spending time swapping embarrassing beauty secrets or dishing out our best life advice over tea. We think it’s important to be the best female role models for our BFFs, in return for everything they do for us. Here are three simple ways to get started...

  1. Total Honesty When It Really Matters
    Knowing when pure honesty will go a long way is key. Beyond telling our best friend that pink isn’t really her colour, we think it’s about passing opinion without passing judgement. Think she needs to stop putting off that life-changing decision? Time she ditched all the fake tan? Then tell her (and have your biggest hug on standby).
  2. Mastering The Art Of Self Confidence (Or At Least Trying To)
    We’ll never forget the time our best friend wore her summer dress with such style that it inspired us to do the same. Small acts of self-confidence will work wonders for her motivation, as well as yours, whether it’s about being the first one to hit the dance floor or braving the makeup free look for an important business meeting. She’ll admire your positivity, and you’ll be in the inspirational women hall of fame in no time.
  3. Commitment To The Cause
    Taking time out for yourself doesn’t mean you’re neglecting the relationships around you. We love having a night in without friends, because when we’re busy putting our all into everything (that’s work, home and friendships), it’s only fair that we zone out for a bit of me-time too. You’ll be surprised how much it will convince others to do the same.

How are you and your BFF great female role models for each other? Share your stories in the comments below.