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A woman with red hair sitting on a bed moisturising her arm.

How To Moisturise Skin Overnight

Showering your body with some skin-loving care is always a great idea. Especially with all the elements your skin faces every day, – sun damage, pollution, low humidity, harsh products – caring for your skin with an effective beauty routine becomes an essential no girl can go without!

To compete with all of the external elements your skin contends with, a hydrating skin care routine is necessary to help you keep dry skin at bay and achieve soft, smooth, glowing and moisturised skin.

While a moisturising skin care routine is the perfect way to start your day to promote healthy-looking, hydrated skin, in order to see the best results, you need to ramp up your routine. We don’t mean adding another step to your morning routine though, because there’s another way to turn up the skin care with a simple tweak to your routine – moisturising your skin at night. At Dove, we’re redefining beauty sleep with our top tips on how to moisturise skin at night. So read on as we uncover how you can squeeze in some skin care while you get some shut-eye!

Redefining Beauty Sleep!

As you follow the tried and trusted method of cleansing, toning, moisturising and using sunscreen daily to achieve the skin of your dreams, there’s an effective moisturisation technique you may have overlooked. While your usual routine is great for caring for your skin during the day, there are so many benefits for your skin when you choose to moisturise at night.

You may have heard how when you sleep, your skin gets to work, repairing itself. For this reason, night time is the prime time to apply moisturising lotion and nourishing products for your skin to absorb in the skin-loving ingredients to help restore, renew and hydrate your skin.

With everything that your skin deals with in a day, you need a skincare routine that’s top-notch to keep dry skin at bay. Which is why a moisturising evening skin care routine is ideal for helping you to achieve soft, healthy-looking, hydrated skin by allowing your skin to absorb the nourishing formulations as you sleep. So, to help you achieve the skin of your, well, dreams, read on for our tips on how to moisturise your skin at night.

The Best Way to Moisturise Skin at Night

Follow this simple evening skin care routine for soft, smooth, glowing, moisturised skin you’ll fall in love with!

1. Cleanse – Cleansing is the essential first step to any effective skin care routine. Your skin needs to be clean so that when you apply other products - like your moisturiser – the products are able to work deeply* and effectively. Use a moisturising cleanser like the Dove beauty bar with ¼ moisturiser cream, for added nourishment to your night-time routine.

2. Moisturise – Moisturising skin is the key to keeping it healthy-looking, soft-to-the-touch, radiant and hydrated . When it comes to how to choose the best evening moisturiser for your skin, you should opt for a rich and nourishing lotion, like our Dove Body Love Pampering Care Body Lotion for dry skin. This pampering body lotion is specially formulated with our Ceramide Restoring Serum – a breakthrough technology that penetrates beneath the skin’s surface and works with the skin to boost ceramide production which strengthens the skin’s barrier and prevents moisture loss. So, to repair, restore and moisturise your skin while you rest, add our Dove Body Love Pampering Care body lotion to your evening routine.

3. Hands, heels and feet – These areas are easy to forget about when it comes to moisturising skin at night. So, make sure you moisturise them too. When figuring out, ‘how much moisturiser should I use at night?’, with your hands and feet you can be a bit more generous when applying your moisturiser because these areas need the extra care!

With these 3 simple steps, say goodbye to wondering ‘should you moisturise your skin at night?’. Simply use this moisturising routine to deliver nourishing, restorative care to your skin while you rest, and wake up to skin that looks and feels its best!


*within the stratum corneum