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Happy Dance with your arms in the air

Switch to Dove Deos & WIN!

Show us your Happy Dance!

What is self-care if it's not holistic? A woman's underarms deserve care, just like the rest of her body. The Dove woman knows that to raise her confidence; she has to raise her hands and join the #WouldYouSwitchChallenge. With 0% alcohol while protecting against odour, Dove Deo is redefining the meaning of self-care for women all over the world.

Want to stay on your A-game while enjoying flawless underarms? Get your Dove Deodorant and roll-on at your nearest Clicks store and be part of the #WouldYouSwitchChallenge movement.

No sweat, just switch to superior care

The Dove woman is always on the move, never sweating the small stuff because our deo delivers 48-hour protection & superior underarm care. This woman doesn't mind making moves and switching things up when she needs a change, because our 1/4 moisturising cream ensures she is always flawlessly on top of her game. You too deserve to elevate your confidence, by switching to Dove deodorant. Switch now! 

Switch to Dove Deo and stand a chance to Win

From the month of August until 30th September, we are challenging Mzansi to switch to Dove Deo and stand a chance to win spot prizes, that comprise of 1 of 5 Personalised Dove Deo Hampers, each including products from the Dove Original Deo range and the broader deo range, plus a R1000 Mangwanani spa voucher to pamper yourself. All you must do is keep your eyes on our social media pages to join the #WouldYouSwitchChallenge and win. T&Cs apply.

Switch and win in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Opt in by filling in a simple form on our social media pages or website.
Step 2: Head down to your nearest store and get yourself either a Dove Deodorant or roll-on.
Step 3: With Your Dove Deodorant or roll-on in hand, create a post of your version of the "Happy Dance".
NB: Make sure you raise your hands and have your deodorant or roll-on in the shot.
Step 4: Post the video, tagging Dove's official Facebook/ Instagram page.
Step 5: Press "send" and don't forget to use the hashtags #WouldYouSwitchChallenge. Happy switching, happy winning! T&Cs apply!

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