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Dove #WouldYouSwitch?

#WouldYouSwitch? Be part of the biggest Dove trial ever

We could tell you that our Original Antiperspirant Deodorant is the perfect solution for how to stop underarm sweating. How the unique ¼ moisturising cream in the formula is the secret to getting smoother underarms. Or… we could let the women who love it tell you themselves.

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To celebrate our beauty icon, we decided to run a trial – our biggest ever global trial – asking hundreds of non-Dove users worldwide to do a week-long test run with Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant. After seven days, we wanted to know: would they recommend Dove antiperspirant? In South Africa, a huge 89% of you said yes. 

We couldn’t miss a chance to get real reviews of Dove products, so we asked every woman who took part to keep a daily video diary. Recording their honest experiences with Dove Original, our trialists explained in their own words why they think it’s the best antiperspirant for women. So, do our Dove roll-on and spray antiperspirant deodorants work? We’ll leave that question to them

Explore their testimonials below, and tell us – will you switch?

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Sweat and odour protection was definitely there.

Dove Roeleen quote

– Roeleen

The best deodorant that I have ever used.

Dove Megan W. quote

– Megan

Boosted my confidence a lot!

Dove Seipati quote

– Seipati