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Dove Mental Health Support

Mental health support for health care heroes

We’re so grateful for our health care heroes and everything they do for us – in times like these, and every day. Their courage is beautiful, but they need care too.

If you’re a health care worker, we want to give you a little reminder to take care of yourself, and encourage you to reach out if you need mental health support. That’s why we’ve set up a free 24/7 telephone counselling line for health care providers.  Follow the steps below to find out how you can access our counselling services.

Steps for accessing the helpline

If you’re a health care worker, simply follow these steps to receive free 24/7 professional counselling: 

  1. Make sure you have access to a landline or mobile phone in South Africa
  2. Have your Persal number on hand 
  3. Dial the toll-free number (0800 111 019)
  4. Select the service that you require (counselling, mental health support services, life management etc.)
  5. Select your preferred language
  6. Start your support session with your counsellor

Dove Courage is beautiful

Health care workers, we want to thank you for your dedication, commitment and courage – and for the sacrifices you make for us every day. Through everything, you’ve been there to support us and we couldn’t be more grateful. Read our open letter to you – our health care heroes – below.

To the people who protect us,

To the people who care for us,

To the people who give us strength,

Thank you.

Every day, you make your way to the front lines, acting as the shield between us and the tragic realities of a global pandemic. Whether you’re in a hospital, ambulance, a mobile testing clinic or a care home, we know that your first priority is the safety of South Africans, sometimes even at the expense of your own health.

We want you to know that we admire your immense dedication, your spirit, your willingness to go beyond the call of duty to save lives.

We know it’s taxing on your bodies, your minds and to those closest to you, which is why we want you to also be able to ask for help when you need it.

To show our gratitude to your incredible work, we have set aside R3 million in mental health support and product care packages to provide counselling for you and your dependants, because we know this is hard on them too!.

What you are seeing on a daily basis isn’t easy – many of us aren’t built to do what you do – and as the COVID-19 case numbers spike, there is likely going to be more pressure on you than ever before.

Burnout is a reality. Between the stresses of your job and your obligations to your families and communities, there may be times when it all seems to be too much. It’s during these times that we ask you to take care of yourselves. It’s rarely easy for caregivers to reach out, but we want to be the one you can reach out to when you need it.

We believe in you, and we want you to know that there are people in this world who recognise all that you are doing. You are superheroes and you are legendary, but you are also people – people who need care and support. If this crisis teaches us one thing, it will be to never take you for granted.

Your courage is beautiful. Your love for your community is beautiful. You are beautiful.

Thank you for your service!

Re a Leboga




Ndza Nkhensa

Ndo Livhuwa