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Woman applying hand lotion on the back of her hand

Treatment for dry hands

Whether we’ve been doing more than our fair share of the washing up, enduring the bitter cold of winter or our skin is just that way inclined, we all have dry hands at one time or another. And as uncomfortable as chapped hands are, there’s a simple solution: hand cream – and lots of it. Keep your hard working hands looking and feeling great with our tips for moisturised skin.

A Guide on How To Treat Dry Hands

Step 1. Protect

Dry, chapped hands have it rough enough, so if you suffer from this regularly, show them some compassion. Make sure you protect your hands with gloves whenever you're working with anything that could irritate your skin, especially when washing up or cleaning.

Step 2. Look for glycerin

Often the best hand cream for dry hands contains glycerin, so look out for it when you're checking the ingredients list. It’s a humectant (which means it helps to retain water), so it locks moisture into your skin, keeping it hydrated and soft.

Step 3. Moisturise

This almost goes without saying but moisturise often – keep a nourishing cream on your desk, by your bed, in your handbag and by the sink, so you remember to apply it throughout the day.

Step 4. Try an overnight treatment for dry hands

Give them a generous coating of a rich hand cream or moisturiser, like Dove Body Love Light Care Body Lotion for All Skin Types, just before you go to sleep. They'll spend all night soaking up its goodness and you'll wake up with soft, moisturised skin.

Step 5. Change with the seasons

In winter, change your hand cream like you would your other body moisturiser – the cold means your skin needs extra nourishment, so swap your regular one for something richer, or even a body lotion like Dove Body Love Light Care Body Lotion for All Skin Types. Not only will it leave your hands feeling moisturised, but your skin will feel soft and radiant with an instantly refreshed look you'll love.

Step 6. Choose a caring hand wash

You don't need harsh products to keep your hands clean – if you suffer from dry hands, make sure you’re looking after them by using a gentle hand wash that also has moisturising properties.