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Moisturised skin – how to discover the best moisturiser

After a relaxing bath or shower, there’s nothing quite like the silky feel of a favourite moisturiser to make the skin feel loved. But with so many things affecting how your skin looks and feels – the weather, hormones, ageing – it can seem like there’s a lot to think about. We've put together our top tips on what to look for when seeking the best moisturiser in South Africa.

1. Don't skip your face

Ever wondered what would happen if you used your facial cleanser on your body? With Dove you don't have to wonder anymore: we combine the science of facial care with the indulgence of pampering care to leave skin looking and feeling velvety soft. Our Dove Beauty Cream Bars contain our moisturising formula that has ¼ moisturising cream and mild cleansers to help retain skin’s moisture. Suitable for daily use on your face, body and hands, this product is not just a soap, it’s a beauty bar. It’s available in a number of variants that you can explore.

2. Know the skin you're in

Knowing what you want out of your skin care couldn’t be more important when finding the best moisturiser in South Africa. Whether you're after deep nourishment, or you want to restore its elasticity and firmness, it’s the key to providing the right kind of care for your body.

3. Enable your skin

When choosing the best moisturiser for dry skin, opt for formulas which enhance skin's own natural moisturisers. Dove Body Love skin range is formulated with a special Ceramide Restoring Serum that provides superior hydrating skin care that increases your skin's softness after just one use.

The unique blend of ingredients work with your body to create ceramides - fine molecules that are absorbed below the surface – that help strengthen your skin’s natural barrier and prevent moisture loss for up to 48 hours. The results? Your skin being deeply* moisturised and noticeably radiant.

4. Take the fragrant route

Whether you love the creamy scent of vanilla or prefer light, floral fragrances, choose a scented moisturiser that suits you and your style. If you prefer a warm fragrance, try a moisturiser like Dove Body Love Pampering Care Body Lotion that contains shea butter infused with warm vanilla for replenished, soft, pampered and moisturised skin that gives off a gorgeously light aroma that makes application a daily pleasure.

5. Moisturising skin – add the water back

Some parts of the body can get dry easily – feet, knees and elbows are frequent culprits. If you're nodding in accordance, you should keep a deeply nourishing moisturiser in your beauty arsenal to give those areas extra attention when they need it.

6. Moisturising skin – add the firmness back

Look out for moisturisers that improve skin elasticity and restore firmness while improving skin texture and softness.
For pioneering solutions to each of these steps, look no further than Dove’s comprehensive range.
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*within the stratum corneum