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Hair masks and treatments

Whether you’ve got tired, frizzy, dry or damaged hair, one truth is universal – a hair mask is essential for a beautiful, glossy mane.

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For deep nourishment and care, you’d be hard pressed to find its equal: just a few minutes with one of our best hair masks will provide nourishment, repair damage and restore your hair to its true glory. But first, you need to find the best hair mask for your hair type. 

Need a treatment for Dry hair? Try Dove Advanced Hair Series Pure Care Treatment Mask for dry hair. It intensively nourishes, leaving hair silky and smooth, but not greasy. Hair stressed out from blow drying, colouring or straightening? Our Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Treatment Mask could be your saviour. It repairs hair as well as boosting its resistance to future damage*, so your hair looks and feels healthy.

Whatever your hair care needs, you’ve come to the right place. 

*Resistance to breakage compared to non-conditioning shampoo

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