Baby Dove Newborn skin

Newborn Baby Skin Care

Newborn baby skin is very delicate. In fact, it’s up to 30% thinner than ours, so it makes sense to use gentle baby skin care products while your baby’s skin is still developing.

There’s nothing like the touch and smell of your baby’s skin against yours – it feels so soft. But it’s also so fragile. Our range of Baby Dove baby skin and hair care products offer special care that your baby’s delicate skin needs.

We only include a combination of caring ingredients that are needed to effectively care for baby skin. So every one of our mild products is kind on your baby’s delicate skin, even your newborn’s. Plus, our products are hypoallergenic, and dermatologist and paediatrician-tested so you can feel reassured that you’ve got expert care for your baby’s skin.

Keep your newborn’s skin protected with Baby Dove: discover our full range of moisturising baby skin care products below.

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