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Confident Me – training videos for teachers

The Confident Me school resources are designed to help your school develop body confidence in all students.  They have been developed by experts such as psychologists and teachers, who partnered with the Dove Self-Esteem Project. The tool has been tested, measured and proven to have a positive impact on student’s body confidence. Your school may already be doing activities that support body confidence, or body confidence may be an issue that hasn’t been tackled before: either way, Confident Me is designed to help your school on its journey to supporting body confidence. By taking some action, no matter how small, you can help improve attitudes towards body confidence in your school. A body-confident school provides a supportive environment in which everyone can accept, appreciate, think and behave positively in relation to their body and appearance, and in which diversity in appearance is accepted and celebrated.

We have created a variety of training videos to help teachers prepare to deliver this content in the classroom.