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Let the hair world be your Oyster

Let the hair world be your Oyster

Young or old, we believe in your right to experiment with your look, and a big part of that is your hair! We are here to support and encourage you to embrace your unique self through that vibrant hair color, those beautiful curls, salon perms or your sleek straightened hair magic!

However, while we support all your hair decisions, we also truly acknowledge the damage that comes with all this. Coloring your hair really does make you feel great but it leads to hair damage as well from the chemicals which further ends up breaking your hair or hair fall.

Curling and straightening your hair exposes your hair and roots to even higher amount of heat which is obviously a negative for them. This can lead to split ends, dryness and ultimately leads to hair fall.

This is also true for all your complex hairdos that range from super tight buns, back combing to a funky hair-do involving several pins! These all pull at your hair and roots along with putting immense strain on your hair strands as well.

With every styling treatment we give our hair, we make it a new promise. Promises to save it from further damage and to take good care of it. But how many of these promises do we really keep? The right shampoo and conditioner can help you keep these vows, and still let you play with your hair.

We are here to tell you that there is a Dove variant for all your hair repair needs, to beat all this damage and to bring out your playful side. Dove is here with the Dove Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner that will leave your hair nourished and beautiful.

Now, do not let styling weigh your hair down. With Dove Intense Repair, let your hair stay beautiful. Go ahead and play. Try our Dove shampoo and conditioner today!