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Dove Dryness Care

Dryness Care

When trying to figure out why your hair is so dry, it’s worth considering certain factors such as the weather, the products you use and the way you treat and style your hair. These can all leave hair looking less than its best. The good news is that there are plenty of simple dry hair solutions you can try to get your hair back on track. From levelling up your wash-day routine to incorporating oils, your hair will end up looking shiny and healthy in no time.

Your hair care mainly begins from the way you carry out your hair care regimen specially when it’s your hair wash day! Ideally your hair wash day should occur 3 times a week and should be focused on restoring and retaining the moisture in your hair. To achieve this, always make it a habit to shower with cooler water, even in those dreary winter days as warm showers with hot water can strip the hair of moisture and leave them dry.

You should ideally use moisture replenishing shampoos and conditioner such as the Dove dryness care shampoo and conditioner which can be helpful towards thoroughly cleansing your scalp to avoid dirt buildup and to retain its moisture by protecting and replenishing the natural oils.

Its always tempting to straighten your hair for that sleek look or to curl your ends for that perfect blow dry aesthetic, but the heat from all those hair styling tools can cause major damage to your hair and can also cause dryness. We recommend you to avoid heat by limiting the use of these tools. Whenever necessary, you should make sure to use such tools at least 6cm away from the shaft or root of your hair and to always use a good quality hair protectant before styling your hair.

A quick and often underestimated hack to keep hair dryness away is to use a silk pillowcase. Sleeping on one not only feels amazingly relaxing but also the fabric strips off less moisture from your hair than cotton! Alternatively, you can also wear a silk scarf to bed.

Lastly, can you guess what we will discuss next on? Oils of course! Oiling is hands-down the holy grail of your hair coupled with the Dove dryness care shampoo and conditioner. You are all set for shiny, smooth, and frizz-free hair if you follow this!

You might be confused about what oil to use, since there are plenty of options available. Ideally Moroccan or Argon oil should be your first choice of oil when trying to treat dry hair. However, Coconut oil also has deeply moisturizing properties that can go a long way in keeping your hair smooth and healthy.

Keep the above steps at your fingertips to keep dry hair in the past!