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Dove - FAQs

Dove - FAQs

All you need to ask about Dove.

Dove products are available at all leading retail outlets. You can also order it online from

Dove Intense Repair shampoo is enriched with Keratin Actives to repair the hair surface while deepy nourishing the core of your hair to reconstruct it from within. Every time you use it, your hair is repaired, strong and beautiful. Combine with Dove Intense Repair Conditioner for nourished, frizz-protected hair!

Use Dove Hair Fall Rescue which is enriched with Nutrilocks Actives that deeply nourish damaged hair from the roots up, making your hair stronger and reducing hair fall by upto 98%! For best results use with Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner for Strong, frizz-protected hair!

Always look for Unilever's Raabta Logo at the back of your Dove Shampoo and conditioners to avoid counterfeit products and be sure you are getting the superior care and nourishment Dove offers!

Dove Dryness Care, with Pro-Moisture Complex works immediately to smoothen the outer surface of dry, damaged hair while deeply nourishing your hair from within making it healthy, smooth and Beautiful.

Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo helps to smooth up to 100% of roughness and control frizz.

All Dove products are best used within 2 years of their manufacturing date.

Using only shampoo can often leave your hair dry and frizzy. Dove Conditioners moistuizer hair, making them smoother and frizz-free!

Shampoo - Directions to use

Step 1: Wet your hair
Step 2: Massage the shampoo onto wet hair and scalp in circular motion
Step 3: Rinse out shampoo thoroughly

Conditioner - Directions to use

Step 1: Use coin sized amount of conditioner
Step 2: Apply from mid length to ends and leave for 1 minute
Step 3: Rinse it out