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How to protect your hair during rainy season

How to protect your hair during the rainy season or monsoon and hair fall?

It is that time of the year again, when you want to enjoy the light breeze and relax with a cup of your favorite drink to the serenity of the rain cascading down. However, monsoon season comes with its share of hair tragedy that might not let you embrace the season with as much enthusiasm as you would have liked.

Monsoon hair problems are usually categorized into very common hair problems such as dandruff, hair fall and hair breakage. There is however no need to be in a fret as we have listed below plenty of ways for you to protect your hair during this rainy season and enjoy the picturesque season to the fullest!

  • Ideally try not get your hair wet in the rain by keeping them covered but incase if that happens, you should make sure to dry your scalp thoroughly and not let any of the rainwater stay in your hair for too long. This is because rainwater is acidic in nature and consists of many impurities picked up from the surrounding environment.
  • Shift to a softer microfiber towel that has greater absorbing abilities and can reduces the roughness caused to hair which can eventually lead to lesser hair fall.
  • The Dove Hair fall Rescue Shampoo coupled with the Hair fall Rescue conditioner will help prevent unnecessary hair fall during this season.
  • Humidity in the rainy season may cause excessive frizz and make your hair look dull and cause them to fall. To counter this issue, make sure to oil your hair regularly and use your favorite Dove conditioner.
  • Try to avoid any chemical treatment or hair coloring during the rainy season as the hair is already fragile

By following the above pointers, you can maintain hair health and avoid the dreaded hair fall during the on-going monsoon season!