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Manakah yang Lebih Baik Waxing VS Mencukur?

Manakah yang Lebih Baik Waxing vs Mencukur?

Antara shaving (mencukur) dengan waxing bulu ketiak: di antara kedua metode tersebut manakah cara menghilangkan bulu ketiak yang lebih baik dan aman, Ladies?

You may have often heard of several  ways to remove armpit hair . However , the methods that are quite popular are shaving and  waxingWell , did you know that each method has its own pluses and minuses? So that you can choose the most appropriate method, this article will help you   briefly review the differences between shaving  and  waxing .

1. Techniques and results

The method of removing hair can be done by waxing techniques  . Waxing  uses special strips and liquid wax to remove hair. The process is carried out by an expert therapist by attaching a strip to the skin. The strip for  waxing  is pressed firmly against the hairy area previously coated with liquid wax. After some time, the strip is pulled until the hairs are pulled out by the roots.

Doing waxing does not have to be an expert, you can do it yourself. How to wax armpit itself is quite easy. The first step, do scrubbing first, then if the hair is too long, you should trim it first so it doesn't hurt too much. After that, apply wax cream to the underarm skin. Glue the strip, then pull it out in the opposite direction. After the process is complete, clean the body until clean.

Unlike  waxingshaving  uses a razor. There are various choices of knives. There are single or double-edged blades. Then, there are manual and electric ones. There are also those that are cheap for short use or are produced specifically for sensitive skin that can be used for the long term. Choose the right razor so that the underarm skin is not irritated or injured.

The results of shaving hair with a razor are faster. Especially if the condition of the armpits are clean and use a special shaving cream to facilitate the  shaving process . You can get smooth underarms in no time by shaving.

2. Duration of hair growth after removal

After waxing , the lost hair takes a relatively long time to grow back. This is because the waxing process makes the roots of the hair uprooted and damaged. Approximately the hair can grow back after 4-6 weeks.

Meanwhile , shaving results in faster growth, Ladies . In a matter of a week, you can start to see little by little hairs sticking out on the surface of the armpits.

3. The pain inflicted

When comparing waxing and shaving , which one is painless? Waxing can be painful the first time you try it. After a few times, the pain is no longer a problem.

Meanwhile, shaving does not cause pain if what is trimmed is the hair on the surface. Mild pain due to shaving can occur if the blade scratches the skin.

4. Side effects

What problems often arise after the process of removing armpit hair with waxing ? Some people experience several symptoms such as redness, irritation, pain, rash, sensitivity to sunlight, allergies, burning, ingrown hairs , infection, and the appearance of scars. All of these side effects affect differently from one person to another. Including whether the person who applies waxing is an experienced expert or not.

While shaving , the side effects that can appear are usually: scratching, itching, not matching the razor, and ingrown hair . Some of these side effects occur according to different experiences. If you have sensitive skin, choose the wrong shaver, or don't use a moisturizer when shaving , chances are you could experience this side effect.

5. Cost

The costs incurred for waxing and shaving can also be considered for removing hair from the armpits. Waxing is generally done in a salon with an experienced therapist. So it usually costs more.

Meanwhile, shaving is relatively cheaper because you only need to invest in razors and special shaving creams . The price of razors also varies, depending on the brand, quality of the blade, terms of ergonomic design, and other factors. Even if you choose an expensive shaver, it still costs less because you can use it many times over a long period of time. No need to go to the salon, you can shave yourself at home so this condition is ideal for those of you who do physical distancing .

So , after knowing the difference between waxing and shaving , do you know the best hair removal method for you?

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