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We believe in forever care

We believe in forever care

Hair care goes a long way. As you age, like most of the physical aspects, your hair also shows signs of aging that might include dryness, thinner hair or/and hair that lies flat. 

Hair Care is a long process but with proper care you can have younger looking hair for a longer time. Moreover, aging is natural so don’t worry, you can still rock a silver fox look if you have healthy hair. There are certain issues which you might need to address:

Lack of moisture: Usually hair becomes very dry when you age as your scalp doesn’t produce that much natural oil which further leads to brittle hair. Therefore, we suggest you to try the Dove dryness care shampoo and conditioner.

More prone to damage: Hair becomes more susceptible to get damaged as you age. Hence, try to avoid heating tools when styling but if you are opting for one then make sure to use proper hair protecting spray prior to use.

Thinning: It is all about how you style your hair regularly. It can be said that your hair thins out when you age but properly styling it such as a low heat blow dry can help you to get enough volume and can add bounciness to your hair.