Dove Hair fall treatment

Hair fall treatment

Looking for ways to how to stop hair fall? Here’s our advice on starting the journey to victory and volume…

When it comes to hair, hair fall is the greatest worry women have. So it’s understandable to get just plain fed-up with the 150 strands most of us lose naturally daily – but, happily, there is a solution. With hair loss prevention it’s all about giving it a lot of nourishment, showering it with love and attention (and products). 

Use a good hair loss shampoo (Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo is our best shampoo for hair fall). Breakage is a big factor towards how much hair we lose, so be gentle – especially when your hair’s wet (it’s at its most vulnerable). Last but not least, stress is often a cause for hair loss. So make sure you find time to relax and put your feet up (it's a good excuse anyway).

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