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Dove Men+Care sensitive skincare for men

Sensitive Skincare for Men

If you have sensitive skin, you want to know exactly what will happen when you put a product on your body or face. The best moisturizers, body washes, face washes, shaving products, and deodorants make it easy to keep control.

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    Choose the right products.

    Select products from a sensitive skin range so you know they are made with gentle infredients. From the #1 Dermatologist Recommended brand, Dove Men+Care Sensitive+ Face Wash thoroughly cleanses without stripping your face of the oils it needs to protect itself, and Dove Men+Care's body washes are all hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic and will cleanse your body while protecting against skin dryness.


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    Keeping your skin moisturized is even more important if you have sensitive skin. Dry skin forms cracks, which lets irritants in and moisture out. Use a mild body wash to help keep skin replenished and hydrated as you shower. Try the Dove Men+Care Sensitive Shield Body and Face Wash which is clinically proven to fight dry skin better than regular men's body wash.


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    Shave smart.

    Looking for shaving tips for men with dry skin? First, be gentle with your razor. You don't need pressure to get a close shave. Use a light tough and you'll find your razor feels much more comfortable. Don't forget to shave with the grain, not against it, to avoid rashes or irritation.

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    Test drive new products.

    Test any new products on a small patch of skin. This helps check for possible irritation before you use it all over your face or body.

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    Turn down the heat

    Piping hot showers are not what is best for your skin. Hot water can be rough on sensitive skin, leaving it feeling tight or dry.

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    Don’t feel the burn

    Post-shave balm is one of the best shaving products for men with sensitive skin. For relief against irritation post shave balm will reduce the likelihood that you develop shaving rash.