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Dove Tips & how to

Tips & how to

From the best way to straighten hair to advice on skin needs, explore our tips and tricks below.

Tips & How to

How to keep hair beautiful
Don’t choose between caring for your hair and achieving a style you love
How to treat dry skin
Read on for advice on dry skin remedies and care
6 steps to firm and fabulous skin
Look and feel amazing with these tips on skin firming, lotions and routine hacks.
How to pick new beauty products
Want to know what you should be looking for in new beauty products? Here are our six essentials…
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How to bag the best moisturiser
Click here to browse our best moisturiser for dry or oily skin
How to get glowing skin
Read on for essential skin care advice, and learn how to have healthy clear skin every day
How to get smooth skin
Check out our ultimate tips and tricks for getting the soft, smooth skin of your dreams…
Tips for resilient skin: younger-looking skin for longer
Keep your skin looking its best with our tips on how to help it stay resilient, plump and smooth-looking
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How to get the most out of your skin care products
Click here for advice, information, and products for radiant skin
How to build a skin care routine
A guide to building a great bespoke daily skin care routine for your whole body
How to treat damaged hair
Find out how to treat damaged hair to start the healing process
How to treat dry hair
Looking for ways to get your hair back to it’s soft, smooth self?
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The 6-part hair-care checklist
What should you have in your hair care kit?
6 times your underarms take center stage
Here are 6 times you need a reliable antiperspirant that cares as well as protects.
Why bare arms are the new bare legs
Why should bare your beautiful underarms with pride
How to protect hair against heat damage
Know how to repair heat damaged hair with our advice
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How to get fuller, more youthful looking hair
Want tips on how to make aging hair look its beautiful youthful best? Check out our page on caring for mature hair
Help for fine, thinning hair
If you’re craving fuller looking hair, we’ll share the styling know-how to get you there.
6 things you really need for the gym
Here’s our guide to your gym essentials
Invisible confidence boosters: exposed
We expose the secret beauty products giving you confidence…
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How to apply antiperspirant deodorant
Looking for tips on how to apply deodorant? Check out our page for the lowdown…
6 poses you’ll need when you forget your deodorant
What poses do you make when you forget your deodorant?
6 things that go through your head at that trendy gym class
Don’t let body hang-ups stop you from giving that gym class your all
How to avoid white antiperspirant deodorant stains
Goodbye to white marks on clothes, check out how to avoid deodorant marks…
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How to wash hair properly
Six tips to enhance your daily hair care routine
6 ways to tweak your routine for smooth and silky hair
Wondering how to get smooth hair with a shiny finish? Here are six quick tweaks to your normal routine to help give you that beautiful shiny hair look.
6 things you didn’t know about your conditioner
What’s the best way to condition hair? Here are six things you never knew about conditioner to help you decide…
6 shampoo myths: revealed
We debunk myths so you can get on with shampooing hair in confidence.
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Tips for soft hair
Want softer hair? Learn how to get silky hair at home with these tips.
6 cleansing myths: debunked
We debunk the most popular skin cleansing myths
Essential products for skin cleansing
Visit our page to find out more about our products for skin cleansing
The perks of washing in the morning or a shower before bed
We love both morning and evening showers, here's why
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How to treat normal to oily hair-Dove
Advice on how to treat oily hair, and get your hair confidence back
How to get shiny, healthy looking hair
Want shinier, healthier-looking hair?
How often to wash hair
Bringing you answers to the most frequently asked hair-washing questions
Hair care tips
Want beautiful, healthy-looking hair every day?
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How to visibly repair chemically damaged hair
Tips on repairing the visible damage that comes from chemical treatments
How to straighten hair
Here's how to care for your hair while keeping your straight locks
How to exfoliate
Unlock the secrets of soft, glowing skin
How to treat split ends
There are a few things you can do to reconstruct and avoid split ends.
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Conditioner for dry hair
Find out how to care for dry hair with Dove conditioners, masks and treatments
How to tame naturally frizzy hair
Frizzy hair is easy to tame with the right products and a little know-how
How to feel fresh: six ways to freshen up your morning
Transform your morning with our quick guide on how to feel fresh