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Dove Skin firming

Skin firming

Invigorating, spa-inspired skin-firming lotion and oils, for skin that’s in need of a little lift.

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Beautiful, firm skin has the power to transform how we feel. Seriously – if we could relive the post-spa feeling of beautiful skin daily, we would. And luckily, we can: with our skin-firming DermaSpa Uplifted+ range. 

With products designed to get us back in touch with our bodies, they provide dermatological care and moisture, while giving us that moment of reconnection that makes the spa such a haven. 

The silky formula of Dove DermaSpa Uplifted+ Body Roll-on comes via a unique trio of massaging rollerballs, which, with Cell-Moisturisers® technology, pamper your skin while improving its firmness and elasticity. Who said we couldn’t have a massage every day?

Explore each product in more detail, below. 

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