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6 reasons why you’ll love our hand sanitizer gel

6 reasons why you’ll love our hand sanitizer gel

Phone, keys, face mask, hand sanitizer – it’s the new checklist before we leave the house. Hand sanitizer is your best friend right now, but even moisturizing sanitizers don’t always help today's skin dryness; even if you’re reapplying. We’ve made a hand sanitizer with a difference: one that sanitizes and cares for your skin. Read on to find out what you’ll love about this hand sanitizer gel...

  • 1

    It’s effective.

    99.99% effective against many common germs, to be exact. Formulated with 61% (v/v) ethyl alcohol to meet FDA and CDC recommendations, Dove Nourishing Hand Sanitizer will sanitize your hands while the moisturizing ingredients work to keep dryness at bay.

  • 2

    It moisturizes.

    Wondering how to moisturize hands when you’re using hand sanitizer? With our nourishing hand sanitizers you won’t have to give it a second thought – they moisturize skin for up to eight hours. Every time you reapply, you’re not only killing germs, but showing your skin some love, too.

  • 3

    It’s made with Moisture Renew Blend...

    If you’re struggling with dry skin on hands, don’t let it stop you from using a sanitizer. Our Moisture Renew Blend works with your skin to help deliver the signature Dove care you know and love. So, you can wave goodbye to dry hands.

  • 4

    … And specially-selected ingredients.

    Formulated with skin-natural nutrients and naturally-derived alcohol, this ultra-caring formula treats your skin to the gentle care it deserves, every time you sanitize hands.

  • 5

    It smells beautiful.

    With any go-to essential you reach for throughout the day, you want a scent that pampers your senses with every use. Choose from classic Deep Moisture, indulgent Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla, or comforting Lavender & Chamomile – all three will make applying sanitizer on hands feel like a treat.

  • 6

    It does more.

    Dove nourishing hand sanitizer gel goes even further than eliminating 99.99% of germs and providing moisturizing skin care for dry hands. Globally, Dove does not test on animals and is certified by PETA. Also, our hand sanitizer bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.

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