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‘Care Leads to Care’: Download our research now

What can happen when men care? In collaboration with Promundo-US, we present ‘Care Leads to Care’: research on the ripple effects of men’s care, and how it benefits themselves and everyone around them.

Our original research, conducted with Promundo-US in 2021, echoed what we’ve always known: care leads to care. When men embrace care for themselves and others, it starts a powerful ripple effect.

From meditation to spending more time in nature, acts of care come in all shapes and sizes. Care can be for others or yourself, for today or future generations.

Our full infographic takes you through our key findings, and features our Roadmap to CARE. In three steps, you can embrace care in your everyday life, too. Read quotes from experts like Dr. Wizdom Powell and Dr. Gary Baker (Promundo) to inspire you along the way. 

Here’s just some examples of the transformative effects of men’s care – on themselves and others. Find our full infographic of findings below.

Dove Dads Book


Practicing a holistic care regimen is important.

Care can mean prioritizing your mental and physical health, and social connection – and it pays off when you cover them all. When men embrace care for themselves and others, the positive impact is long-lasting and far-reaching. 

A holistic care regimen is tied to sharing household work equally. 

We found that men who report feeling balance in their lives are nearly 2x more likely to report doing household work equally. Plus, 58% of men who meditate every day report sharing household work equally*. And it’s not just spouses and partners who feel the positive impact.

Dove Dads Book


Children, elderly parents, and friends benefit, too. 

Our research found that 92% of men who make meditation a regular part of their day, and 88% of men who report feeling more balanced in their lives, took time off after their last child was born. Also, two-thirds of men who meditate regularly or make yoga a consistent part of their routine on average spend more than 3 hours caring for others each day*. 

Looking for more research findings? Download our infographic below.


*Gupta, T. and Hook, C. (2021, June). Care Leads to Care. [Infographic]. Dove Men+Care & Promundo-US.

Survey data was collected in April 2021 from a sample of 644 men and 300 women representative across ethnic/racial categories in the United States of America.



‘Care Leads to Care’

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