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Rebecca’s skin journey: soothing my eczema

After living with eczema all her life, Rebecca Marriage blogs about everything from the challenges of creating a dry skin care routine to the impact of the skin condition on her confidence – inspiring others living with eczema-prone skin to feel beautiful.

I’ve had eczema since birth and it’s moved all over my body – there hasn’t been an inch of my skin that hasn’t had eczema at some point! Stress, dust and pollen are really big triggers for me. I have a nickel allergy too, so I can’t wear any watches or jewelry – I even ended up getting a reaction to my platinum wedding ring! 

Dealing with eczema is incredibly difficult, and incredibly challenging. My skin was so red, itchy, and sore that I really didn't want to care for it; I just wanted it to go away.


I turned the corner in my mid-30s, when my son started to show the symptoms of eczema. I found myself applying emollients to his skin, researching dry skincare and explaining to him that he had to care for himself. I remember thinking, ‘Why can’t I show myself this amount of love, care and attention?’ 

So the writing of my blog was a real crystallization of that process. I’d come to a moment in my life where I was comfortable in my own skin – even though my skin wasn’t comfortable! – and realized that it wasn’t my fault, so I felt strongly that I needed to communicate that. 

Feeling anxious and helpless about your skin aggravates your condition. All skin needs care and love... eczema skin just needs a little more.


My top 5 dry skin repair tips

  • 1

    Keep your skin clean.

    Find a hypoallergenic face wash for dry skin to sweep away irritants and allergens

  • 2

    Choose the right moisturizer for very dry, flaky skin… 

    I use a hypoallergenic, dry skin lotion with glycerin, which helps the skin hold onto lots of water

  • 3

    … then use it! 

    Eczema-prone skin is always in need of hydration. It’s vital to maintain your skin barrier: a damaged skin barrier is how allergens and irritants get in

  • 4

    Stop touching your face.

    By covering your face with your hands, you’re drawing attention to your discomfort and transferring germs onto your face. Keep dry, scaly skin clean and moisturized, and let it be

  • 5

    Look in the mirror and smile!

    A smile is your best weapon to attack your own discomfort, and to show everyone else that you’re okay. Hold your head up high and stop comparing yourself to pictures in magazines. No one looks like that

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